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Trust In The Process.

Both simple and complex, Alicia Thompson’s art seizes a moment in time. Specializing in single-line drawings, Alicia’s mark on the page happens in an instant, and her minimalist approach captures the essence of a subject. With only one chance to create the image, Alicia flows through shape and form in fluid movement, the pen never leaving the surface until the piece is done. Accepting error and learning to adapt, Alicia’s art embraces the little imperfections of life, giving her work a uniquely human touch.

Drawing inspiration from music, nature, and emotion, Alicia’s work is expressive. Her portfolio includes family portraits, music icons, and famous landscapes. While her single-line projects follow a distinct sketching style, her acrylic work features bold and vibrant colors, creating a greater sense of atmosphere with an abstract flair.  With an open-minded approach to art, Alicia Thompson is defining her personal style with one line.

Alicia Self Portrait